FAQ: GPT 4 Turbo integration on Windows Latest

I hope you all know WindowsLatest.com 2.0 comes with ChatGPT. You can access it via the homepage, menu or within the article. We’ve trained GPT specifically for Windows topics, but it works with everything else too.

We’re using GPT-4 Turbo, a new version of GPT-4, which is a large artificial intelligence model that can understand and generate natural language or code. This is on par with the ChatGPT Plus.

Some features of GPT 4 Turbo on Windows Latest:

  • COMPLETELY FREE! Your data is not collected or monitored. The WL algorithm is designed to prevent abuse, and block discussions on sensitive topics.
  • It can handle longer inputs and outputs, better repsonse, quality, and more.
  • It is better than ChatGPT free. In some cases, it is also better than Bing Chat
  • Performance is on par with GPT Plus. It is faster than Bing Chat and GPT 3.5 (free).
  • It has better instruction following, JSON mode, reproducible outputs, and parallel function calling.
  • It has more up-to-date knowledge, as it was trained on data until April 2023.

Due to API limitations, support for visual inputs, such as images, to generate text or captions is missing. Our GPT can remember up to five messages in a conversation. It supports generating up to 500 words.

Some of the limitations will be reduced in the future.


I asked GPT on WL to show me some articles about a certain topic posted on WL yesterday and it didn’t… Would this update enable me to do that?