HP_Smart or Win10 (or both) deleted all my original Printer Icons in [Devices and Printers]?!


I would like to pick up where Mayank Parmar left the issue of HP Smart installing itself in a just wimp when people are off for a coffee, with significant damage as a result. See the article:

On tenforums.com I’ve posted the damage that HP Smart has caused to my system.

If anyone knows or has any clue how to repair the damage that HP Smart has done to my system, please feel free to contribute on tenforums.

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Hi, both Microsoft and HP told me they’re looking into the reports. My understand is that the app was installed through the Microsoft Store.

Can you share “Apps & Features” and Control Panel screenshots here? I’ll try to ask both the companies, and people I know there.

Hi Mayank
Thanks for replying. Images and details are at the link here after. Note that HP Smart is causing more damage than believed at first.

Thanks in advance

Hi Mayank
I am looking for some sort of an upload feature in this forum, but I just can’t find it.
Could you help out here?

it’s here.

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Ok there they come

Screenshot 2023-12-01 082620

Note, one of the image shows a normal icon, see following link for comments:

Thanks for helping out.



Here’s a follow-up story that explains what’s going on. HP and MS are aware, and I expect a fix in a few days, so don’t bother reinstalling or resetting Windows.

I performed a recent system image restore. That was quick and easy and I got all my icons back and stable. See:

Thanks for the article.
Hope MS has learned their lesson.

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