Windows 11 23H2 "Windows 11 2023 Update" issues

This is a thread to discuss issues in Windows 11 23H2 update, also known as Windows 11 2023 Update.


i keep receiving this error i have selcted the correct configurations but still i can’t seem to solve it
Screenshot (4)

What are you trying to install? I’ll need the details and I can definitely help out. Your OS version number and the update downloaded by you.

I recently kept on getting the start menu error “will attempt to fix next time you sign in” and only option was to sign out… after 3 fresh installs, so far so good (super odd it’s not doing it after reinstalling Windows 3 times. Literally nothing is changed in what I’m doing/installing after the reinstall :man_shrugging:t3:

that is weird… typically one clean install is enough. how did you reinstall Windows? the tradtional bootable USB drive method?